Sugar Cane juice contains only 15% sugar, which is all natural. It is a wonderful hydrating agent which is slowly becoming popular in the international market. Elutilo Foods is capitalizing on the expanding sugarcane market worldwide. Sugarcanes are susceptible to pest and disease attacks and we are eliminating many causative factors such as water-logging, nitrogen build up and lodging. Mechanized harvesting is another aspect of Sugar Cane that has become really popular recently. Sugar Cane is used in the production of Sugar, Ethanol (used as a biofuel), Bagasse and Molasses. Statistics also show that Nigeria consumes almost 1.43 trillion metric tons of processed sugar on a yearly basis but most of it is supplied by import. We are bringing a positive change to the Nigerian sugar industry with innovations which will result in a significant increase in homegrown sugar production and the exportation of sugar.

Sugar Cane

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