The shopaholic experience is a service we offer that enables casual shoppers order online without any financial restrictions. We are bringing the global online shopping market to your computer screen. We handle all aspects of your shopping experience from ordering to delivery. There are no financial limits or restrictions to what you can order or how much you can spend. All you have to do is go online and shop. When you see items you like;

1.) Provide us with a valid email address.

2.) Provide us with the desired site(s) of choice you would like to order from.

3.) We would generate a unique password for you.

4.) You would go ahead to add your desired items to cart.

When you are done adding to cart, inform us by placing a call through or via whatsapp messenger and make the necessary payments for purchases either in dollars or naira equivalent while we go ahead to place orders. All orders placed through the shopaholic service is safe and secure. To safeguard our customers from fraud, we only process orders from trusted and reliable online stores. Orders are placed online, inspected and shipped directly to our address. For a fee, we offer door to door delivery services for only our Nigerian based customers that don't have the time to pick up their cargo. The Journey Man Shopaholic service is the only first-class shopping service of its kind available in the market.

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