In Nigeria, Onion farming and harvesting is one of the largest and most lucrative farming avenues as it is a widely consumed & cultivated crop with extensive yearlong demand. Statistics show that in the year 2012, Nigeria alone produced about 240,000 tons of Green Onion and 1,350,000 tons of dry onion. Elutilo Foods has tapped into this agribusiness field which is renowned for the ease of cultivation, widespread demand and extensive nutritional benefits. Onions are processed in a variety of ways and you will get to see a lot of different derivative products of Onion like Onion Paste, Dehydrated Onions (Onion powder and flakes), and Onion based pickles, Vinegars, Sauces and much more. Onions are also used as natural source of food coloring. Onion waste products like outer layers, roots and stalks can be made to yield alternative energy sources like bio-gas.