Demilade Elutilo is the founder, president & CEO of Journey Man Shipping limited. Demilade Elutilo is a serial entrepreneur and the founder and Co-founder of eight different companies. Demilade Elutilo started his first business, Players video gaming center at the age of 18. He grew the business from a small business to a medium scale business with four employees. Due to the demand and the success of the business, a new branch was opened within a year. After the business fell on hard times, Demilade Elutilo went on to start several other companies. He has invested in the import and export business, information technology, retail, commodity trading, sports management, and the security industry. At the age of 26, Demilade Elutilo founded the Golden Stars Football Academy and Kalahari Sports Management company in Lagos, Nigeria for at-risk Nigerian youths and children living in poverty. He used this platform to get children and teenagers involved in football and sports generally. Some of the children that were mentored have gone on to make sports a career and have used sports as a means to eradicate poverty and also contribute positively to society. Demilade Elutilo has dedicated his entire adult life to business and the creation of generational wealth through legitimate means. He founded Journey Man Shipping out of the urgent need to give Nigerians a legitimate and authentic solution to their export, import, and international trading needs. With over 15 years experience of starting and growing businesses, Demilade Elutilo has grown Journey Man Shipping to become the number one shipping and commodity trading company for Africans living in Africa, the United States and the diaspora. His fierce determination and drive to succeed has kept the company competitive worldwide.