We represent African businesses internationally. We are able to seamlessly and simultaneously execute multiple business transactions worldwide on behalf of our clients. This saves businesses travel costs and the logistical challenge of executing a business transaction abroad from Africa. We also offer avenues for African businesses to export their commodities to Europe and America. We asssit on every level of the business transaction including handling the payment process. We convert foreign exchange payments into local currencies or make payments to clients in foreign currency. Clients in the export and import business can use our service to seamlessly trade agricultural commodities and other business services to and from Europe and America. The commodity exchange service is an all in one service that eases and simplifies the cumbersome process of international trade between African countries and other continents. We have set extremely high standards for the services we offer, our clients and the end consumers of our products are our major priority. An exceptional service and a satisfied business client is our Gold standard at Journey Man Shipping.