Auto Buyer is a premium service we offer that allows customers place orders online for cars of their choice in the United States. We provide concierge services to all our customers. You can make inquiries about the vehicles you want to buy for free, ask for price quotes, shipping quotes, fuel efficiency and reliability of any car brand for free. If you decide to make a purchase, one of our representatives will contact you to discuss your specific requirements and guide you throughout the car buying process. We physically inspect cars, test drive them, check for faulty transmissions and in the case of a used car, inspect the maintenance and accident history of the vehicle. We do all this for a small fee. We also pay for the cars on behalf of our customers after we have received the equivalent in local currency and ship to the destination port of our customers. Journey Man Shipping clearing agents would be at the destination port to handle all paperwork and customs clearing. We are a one-stop shop for customers that need to purchase a reliable automobile from the United States. Our customers can choose to either use our clearing services or clear their cars themselves. Customers can also choose to have their cars delivered to any location of their choice. We are reliable and always make sure our customers are satisfied.