Adediwura Elutilo is the Vice President of Journey Man Shipping Limited. Adediwura Elutilo started working at the age of 13 when he joined his elder brother's video game company, Players Video Game Center as an intern. His eagerness to work and the passion he displayed for his job earned him a promotion at the age of 15 to the position of assistant supervisor at the newly opened second store branch. When the business shut down, he started importing clothing and fashion accessories from the United Kingdom and the United States of America to sell in Nigeria. Adediwura Elutilo has always had a burning passion for entrepreneurship and wealth creation. After he graduated from the University of Lagos and the completion of his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), he vowed to never work for any company that he wasn't a part owner or shareholder. Despite the apparent risk and challenges of the Nigerian economy and the harsh economic conditions, Adediwura kept to his word and invested all his time and energy in the various businesses his elder brother had set up. Adediwura Elutilo has always shown interest in the shipping, cargo, and commodities trading business. His 14 years of experience as a businessman and seven years in the export, import and commodities business has been invaluable to the company. He has experienced the failure of the current shipping and commodities industry and has come up with innovative solutions to make the provision of our services easy and stress-free for our customers and businesses partners. His commitment, dedication, and drive have made Journeyman Shipping a reliable shipping service provider and commodities trading company both in the United States and Nigeria.